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New Hotels and Updated Room Blocks!

We are excited to announce we have added more hotel partnerships and more rooms at our current hotel relationships.  These new additions (update room blocks and new hotel listing) will be highlighted in red under the Hotels 2022 link.  Stay tuned...

2022 Battle of Omaha Tournament - 10U-14U Registration Now Open!

See 2022 link below to register your team for the tournament. Paper copy can be found under the "Connect" tab, For Coaches.  Also under this section you will find the rules. bat rules, and refund policies.

Update!  See below the limited spots (2 or less available) we have open for certain age groups. Check out the Who's Coming Page for a full list of ALL AGES that have openings for age/session not listed below.

  • 12U Session 1 - 2 spots left!
  • 13U Session 1 - sold out!
  • 14U Session 1 - 1 spot left!
  • 12U Session 2 - 2 spots left!
  • 13U Session 3 - 2 spots left!
  • 14U Session 3 - 2 spots left!
  • 17U, 19U midweek and 19U are sold out
  • Check out the Who's Coming 2022 page to see how many spots we have left for the other each age/session. Register your team by using the registration link below.  Currently 26 states representing the Battle of Omaha!


2022 Battle of Omaha - 10U-14U Registration

Click the link to register for the 2022 Battle of Omaha for 10U -14U tournaments. Processing fees will apply.

CWS Ticketing Information

Update as of 12/21/21

see the FAQs below and familiarize yourself with the  dates for advanced ticket sales.

You can stay current on College World Series ticket information by signing up for email updates at website.  Look for the sign up on the home page on the left-hand side – at the bottom.  We encourage you to sign up to get alerts from the NCAA regarding ticket sales.



CWS Omaha Website

Sign-up for Email updates and alerts on tickets

2022 Battle of Omaha Tournament - 10U-14U

New for 2022- All Age Groups Offered for all 3 Sessions!

2022 Battle of Omaha is pleased to offer a non-sanctioning tournament for ages 10 - 14.  We offer 4 games for all ages, weather permitting.  We do our best to ensure everyone is able to attend the CWS each and every night as we do our best to be off the field by 5pm.  Regardless of weather, we do not play into the evening.

The tournament cost of $850.00 for all age group’s includes your entry fee, gate fee for players, coaches and fans, and Nebraska State Sales Tax.   In regard to tickets to the CWS, please review the ticket FAQ's  document located on the home page.

As mentioned, you do not need to be sanctioned to any affiliation (CABA, USSSA, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, etc.) to play in the Battle of Omaha.  For each age group, a limited number of teams will be determined to fill out the respective age groups; any where from 12-16 teams for each group; so it is important to register early to hold a spot.  The tournament will aligned with each team playing 2 pool games then being split up by either playing in a Single Elimination Championship Bracket or a Single Elimination Consolation Bracket.  If a team loses its first bracket play game, they will get one more game.  Each pool of  4 will have a mix of Gold teams, Silver teams, and Bronze teams, based on what the mix is by age group.  We will do our best with what we have and try to keep states separate as well.  Awards will be given to the 1st and 2nd place teams from the championship bracket and consolation bracket. (the tournament format may be altered due to the number of teams entered in a specific age group) We have sold-out all ages the last four years.  If for some unforeseen reason, we may have to combine (not in all circumstances) the 11U/12U age divisions to make these age groups available for tournament play.

To help you to define the strength of your team, we provide you this example:

  • Gold Level: Generally your highest level select teams that travel out of state, play in multiple tournaments, pulls players from different areas, aka your Major Teams.
  • Silver Level: Generally your select teams that do travel and play in multiple tournaments, compete in many local tournaments, aka your AAA Teams.
  • Bronze Level: Generally your lower level select teams, or challenge teams, some travel, in-house affiliation along with an all-star picked to travel for tournaments,  play mostly local tournaments with certain number of games, aka your A/AA Teams.

Pitching and Base Distance by age group.

  • 10U – 46/65
  • 11U – 50/70
  • 12U – 50/70
  • 13U – 54/80
  • 14U – 60’ 6”/90

Age Requirement.  Coaches are required to provide photocopies of birth certificates for proof of age and current report card for proof of grade (if applicable).

10U– player turning 11 prior to May 1 of current year is NOT eligible unless they are in the 4th grade

11U – player turning 12 prior to May 1 of current year is NOT eligible unless they are in the 5th grade

12U – player turning 13 prior to May 1 of current year is NOT eligible unless they are in the 6th grade

13U – player turning 14 prior to May 1 of current year is NOT eligible unless they are in the 7th grade. Also, any player turning 15 prior to May 1 will not be eligible.

14U – player turning 15 prior to May 1 of current year is NOT eligible unless they are in the 8th grade.  Also, any player turning 16 prior to May 1 will not be eligible.


Check-in for teams will be the time prior to your first game of the tournament.

Below are the dates for the Battle of Omaha tournament and the CWS schedule:

Session #1: June 16-18 - Thursday evening is the Opening Ceremony of the CWS: team practices and autographs at TD Ameritrade,  Fanfest presented by Capital One open to the public, and fireworks, concert, free to the public.  CWS games begin on Friday, June 17.

Session #2: June 20-22  - During the  heart of the CWS, most opportunities to attend CWS games.

Session #3: June 23-25  - With the new CWS schedule format, we would need to see what happens with the CWS games on Wednesday. If both undefeated CWS teams win on Wednesday there would be no games Thursday or Friday; if one or both CWS teams with losses win on Wednesday then there would be at least one game on Thursday.  The CWS finals will begin that Saturday; teams would generally stay through Saturday night to catch first game of the best of three series.

Check out the Events icon for all the information for the 10U-14U age group ; click the Events icon, then "Tournaments", then "My Tournament".  Follow us on twitter @battleofomahaNE


Registration now open 15u, 17u and 19u

Registration is now online for our high school aged players. Nebraska plays American Legion baseball and abide by Legion rules, however we will accept all affiliations of teams.

17u is a 4 day tourney (June 16-19), with the Championship round taking place June 20.  Teams will get 5 pool play games.

15u and 19u midweek- 3 day tourney (June 20-22) Teams will get 3 pool play games and will be matched up on June 22.  Could play 5 games if in championship

19u potentially 5 days if you make Championship (June 22-27) Teams play 5 pool games and as many as 8 if in Championship

All teams will have the a night to catch a CWS game. Teams competing in the midweek will be able to take in as many as 4 games during their stay

2022 Battle of Omaha Dates Released!!

Here are the session dates for the 2022 Battle of Omaha Tournament.  We are excited to announce that we are expanding the youth division with more age groups for all sessions.   Registration to open up in August 2021.

Registration for 15u - 19u located under coaches icon

Session 1: June 16-18 - 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u (17u)

Session 2:  June 20-22 - 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u (15u and 19u)

Session 3: June 23-25 - 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u  (19u)

Denny Jones - A Omaha Icon in the Baseball Community

It is with a heavy heart to hear the passing of Denny Jones, a legend in the Omaha baseball community.

Denny was the UIC for Metro Umpires, the organization that has supported the Battle of Omaha with umpires for over the last 18 years.  Denny was more than a business partner, he was a close friend and a man with great integrity.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Jan and the entire Jones' family.

High school age events (15U - 19U)

Here in Nebraska we play Legion baseball for our 17 and 19uu groups.  Although we are under the Legion umbrella, we take teams of all affiliations for the Battle of Omaha.  The one cavat that we have is birthdate eligibility that we go by for these events.  

The 15u is a freshman / reserve type of event although we do have a lot of select teams that participate.  This past year we had 12 teams that competed.  Teams will play 3 pool play games with pool winners advancing to championship round.  Other teams will play a consolation game

The 17u, which is considered more of a JV type of tourney had 36 teams this past year.  A majority of the teams that play in this event are 15/16 year olds, Teams will play 5 pool play games with the pool winners advancing to the championship round

The 19u is a varsity style tourney.  This past year the midweek had 12 teams while the weekend event had 44.  Teams participating in the midweek will play 3 pool games while teams in the weekend event will play 5 pool games.  Pool winners in both events advance to the championship round

TD Ameritrade Park

TD Ameritrade Park Updates - CWS
TD Ameritrade Park is located at 1200 Mike Fahey Rd, named after Mayor Mike Fahey who was instrumental in getting the new stadium downtown.  Ameritrade will hold 24,000 fans.  The outfield backdrop shows the beautiful Omaha skyline.  The bleachers at TD Ameritrade Park Omaha have a seating capacity of approximately 5,500, with standing room for about an additional 1,500. the outfield bleachers will now be reserve tickets which gives folks a better chance is getting inside of the stadium

Comments From the Battle of Omaha


Read some of the comments from the teams that participated in the 2019 Battle of Omaha...

"Great tournament, we had a blast!" (CA)

"Thanks for hosting our team this year at the Battle of Omaha, they had a really good time (MN)

"We appreciate all your help during the tournament, everything ran smooth even with the rain! (MN)

"We cannot tell you enough how well this tournament is put together; from the fields, to the umpires, and the site directors, everyone had the best interest in the kids; we will definitely be back (TX)

"Thanks for having us in your tournament, the boys had a great time!" (WI)

"I want to thank you for a great tournament, we had a great time". (CO)

"Great tournament!  We had a blast.  One of the best tournaments we have ever been to. (IN)

"Thanks for the great experience.  Very organized and the hotel choice was perfect! (TX)

"My son's had a wonderful time at the tournament.  With my youngest son turning 11 this year we look forward coming to Omaha again" (AK)


Scott Hodges

Tournament Director 15's - 18's

Phone: 402.203.7070

Mike Reggio

Tournament Director 10's - 14's

Phone: 402.616.7441